Dropped Kerb Services

Dropped Kerb

Do you need a dropped kerb to access your property?

We understand how convenient it is to access your property via a dropped kerb. Not only does it allow you access but it also stops other people parking in front or your property and can also add value.

It is important to know that a dropped kerb is a legal requirement if you want to drive across the pavement onto your property.

AW Roadways are able to work in conjunction with your local county council to install a dropped kerb whilst complying with all necessary regulations.

Our team have all the necessary qualifications and experience to undertake your dropped kerb installation. We use the best quality materials and techniques needed to a create hard wearing surface that will look good for many years to come

We aim to cause the minimum of mess and disruption and always take local businesses, residents and road users into account when undertaking our work.

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Applying for a dropped kerb

AW Roadways has many years experience in installing drop kerbs and with applying for the relevant planning permission.

If you decide to have a drop kerb we will visit your property and take the correct measurements and see what public utility services are present, whether you are on a main road etc and any other consideration that would be needed for planning permission.

You can either apply to your local council for permission for a dropped kerb outside your property or we can apply to your local authority on your behalf.

Once your application has been submitted to the local council it is normal procedure for a council officer to carry out an assessment and a decision will be made to approve or decline the dropped kerb.

About AW Roadways

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We carry out asphalt and tarmac surfacing and line marking for a range of projects and clients including major companies and organisations, local authorities and government bodies. We operate throughout the UK & Scotland.

AW Roadways are professionally trained and qualified Streetworks approved contractors.

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